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  • Rachel Burchfield

April – the month of celebrations!

Mom Kate took some great new photos of Louis playing with paint to mark his second birthday last week.

April, especially the end of the month, is a busy time of celebrations for the Family. Of course, this year it’s a bit different with everyone social distancing at their respective homes – okay, who are we kidding? Castles – but it’s still worth noting that we’ve just marked two major birthdays, and tomorrow, a wedding anniversary.

Her Majesty turned 94 on Tuesday, April 21, and two days later, little Louis turned two. Tomorrow, Louis’ parents, William and Kate, celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary! I remember everything about that day – my first Royal Wedding I watched in full. (I watched Edward and Sophie’s in June 1999, but I was only 12 and didn’t really totally care, plus they weren’t William and Kate.) I am so happy to see the Cambridges’ marriage thriving and seemingly better than ever, especially after a rumored rough patch last year.

The Family has kept busy over the last few weeks, participating in Zoom calls – with Louis having a penchant for hanging up on people! – and doing engagements online, including opening ceremonies from afar. It has been interesting to see many members of the Family give deep glimpses inside their homes, as that is, of course, where they are spending all of their time these days. William and Kate continue to homeschool George and Charlotte, and, for his part, Harry has launched his first “post-Royal” project, HeadFIT, a new online platform that provides U.K. military personnel with 24/7 access to mental health care and advice. Though it’s his first project announced post-March 31, apparently Harry has been working on this since before he and Meghan even got engaged. It perfectly combines two of his deepest passions – mental health and the military. He and Meghan have been spotted out in L.A. some, wearing protective masks and volunteering around town. I’ve heard rumors we’re getting a new picture of Archie for his upcoming first birthday next week and I can’t wait!

All told, it seems like the Family is basically doing what all of us are doing – working from home, and just trying to figure it out in the new normal.

Totally unrelated, but I thought this was super cool – I found this article on Town and Country highlighting all of the Royal signatures. Which one is your favorite?

Talk soon, and, like the Royals are this week, take a little time to celebrate!

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