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Happy birthday Charlotte, Archie, and The Duchess Commentary!

CREDIT: ELLE Charlotte turns five!

Long lost friends! Oh, how I’ve missed you. Life has been so insanely busy lately that I haven’t even had a moment to think, much less blog about the Royals. Plus, they’ve been pretty quiet – all sticking to a steady diet of Zoom meetings inside their respective homes.

I did miss two very important birthdays earlier this month, though – Charlotte turned five and Archie turned one! To celebrate, mum Kate shared new photos of the princess, and mum Meghan shared a video of her reading to Archie while dad Harry can be heard behind the camera. Happy birthday to two of the cutest Royals around!

CREDIT: HELLO! Can you believe Arch, as mum Meghan calls him, is already one?

In other birthday news, today is The Duchess Commentary’s first birthday! One year ago today we published our first post – about how much I disliked Archie’s name, sorry H&M – and since then we’ve covered everything here, from Meghan’s return from maternity leave to she and Harry’s South African tour, William and Kate’s Pakistan tour, H&M’s Royal split, Peter’s divorce, Andrew’s scandal, Beatrice’s wedding that never was (yet), and so much more. This is TDC’s post No. 167! It has been an incredible journey, one that I intend to be on with you for the long haul! Here’s to many, many more years of TDC and loyal readers like you!

Coronavirus continues on, and reports have come in that the Queen – who just turned 94 – will be holed up inside until fall, at least. Buckingham Palace and the Family’s other residences – which normally open to the public at the end of the summer – will not open this year. Thankful I didn’t plan my dream Royal vacation for 2020! Maybe in 2021…

Friends, there’s really not much else to say at the moment other than stay safe and healthy, and stay tuned for more updates as life (hopefully) resumes some normalcy soon.

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