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2020 on the horizon – the year of the baby?

CREDIT: GETTY These two will marry in 2020, marking the last Royal Wedding for quite some time - until Edward and Sophie's children, who are now a teen and a preteen, marry.

I’m no fortune teller, but here are my predictions for 2020 in the Royal Family:

· I feel a baby boom coming on. I would bet every dollar I have that Meghan is already pregnant or will be pregnant soon. As I’ve said many other times on the blog, I feel that four is William and Kate’s magic number and that Kate might be pregnant this year. I also feel that a baby for Eugenie is possible.

· We’ll see Beatrice get married – though, with the Andrew scandal being what it is, I don’t know if it will be on the same scale as Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018. For Beatrice’s sake, I hope we get the same pomp and circumstance because she didn’t do anything to deserve this. But, as evidenced by Andrew not attending her engagement party this month, we might see Edoardo and Beatrice marry in his home country of Italy, and it might be more private.

· I truly hope Philip continues to stay with us. I feel as though when he goes, the Queen won’t be far behind, much like George H.W. and Barbara Bush. I knew when Mrs. Bush died in April 2018 that President Bush would be gone by the end of the year, and I was right. Some couples are each other’s anchor, and that is how it is for the Queen and Philip. Philip was hospitalized recently but it was apparently a planned hospitalization – the fact is, he’s going to be 99 in 2020, and, though Royal, he is mortal. I just pray for continued health and wellness for both he and the Queen. And one thing we now know for damn sure – the Queen will not be retiring, thank you very much!

· There’s no way to tell what will happen with Andrew. I expect we’ll see very little of him and that’s a good thing.

· I have a feeling deep inside my soul that we’ll see Harry and Meghan take up at least a partial residence in Canada. They are there this holiday season for at least part of the time, and the country has always had a special place in both of their hearts (it’s where Meghan filmed Suits for seven years). Also, Canada is a Commonwealth country, so they can kind of get away with living there. I predicted a possible move to Africa for the Sussexes on the blog this year – I can see them moving to Canada even more than I can Africa.

I am a huge planner – very type A and constantly trying to predict the future – but as I get older, I find that even the best laid plans don’t always happen, and the best parts of life are always the surprises, anyway. I can’t wait to cover 2020 with you – my first full year with The Duchess Commentary! I have a feeling there will be much to comment on. Happy new year to all – may 2020 be your best year yet!

We'll be back on Thursday with a fashion post you won't want to miss!

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