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How Harry celebrated his birthday + I have a new Royal writing gig!

CREDIT: GETTY Meghan sat on a panel last year with CAMFED Africa's executive director Angeline Murimirwa, at far right.

Yesterday marked Harry’s thirty-sixth birthday – just like I said about William when he turned 36 in 2018, I can’t help but mention that 36 is the age Diana was when she was killed. It seems unreal to think that Harry – who I see as so young, vibrant, and full of life, much like I saw his mother – is the age she was when she left us. When Diana died I was 10, and 36 seemed so old – now that I am about a week away from turning 34 myself, I realize how young she really was.

Harry and Meghan are notorious for doing romantic things to mark each other’s birthdays. Last year, for his thirty-fifth birthday, if you’ll remember, Meghan recreated the trip the pair took to Botswana in their backyard. This year, thanks to COVID, it’ll be a quiet celebration at their new home in Santa Barbara, and Harry was expected to video chat with his dad Charles and brother William.

The couple also, true to form, took time to give back on Harry’s birthday. They made a personal donation to CAMFED, a nonprofit that works to eradicate poverty in Africa through girls’ education and empowerment. To honor both Harry and Meghan’s birthday back in August, there has been an online campaign to raise money for the organization, and at the end of the day yesterday the total reached $129,000. The Sussexes matched that number – with a little extra added – and donated $130,000.

“No better way to celebrate what really matters,” they added in a note with their donation. “Thank you to everyone who donated. – Harry and Meghan.”

Happy (one day belated) birthday to our very favorite Duke of Sussex – it seems as though it was a great, relaxed, low-key day, and Harry truly seems happier than ever.

You may have noticed that I didn’t write about Meghan’s big Zoom call this weekend – well, that’s because I wanted to share some news with you! I am now a contributor for the incredible site What Meghan Wore, and my very first piece for the site was about this Zoom call! Go check out the piece here, and while you’re at it, enjoy looking around the site at Meghan’s fantastic style and how you can integrate it into your own collection.

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