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  • Rachel Burchfield

Kate’s COVID project garners praise from Her Majesty

CREDIT: DAILY MAIL Kate on a Zoom call about her Hold Still project.

Kate – a keen photographer herself – launched a project back in May with the National Portrait Gallery, one of her patronages. “Hold Still” – what a great name – invited people across the U.K. to submit photos taken during COVID-19 that focused on the themes of Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness. Over 31,000 photos were submitted, and Kate and a panel of judges have narrowed them all down to 100 finalists, which you can view in a virtual exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery’s website beginning today.

Anyone could submit a photo, and, not shockingly, I recognize some familiar names that made the 100 finalists because I comb through Royal photos all the time and some of the finalists are professional photogs. But there are some regular folks too, and the National Portrait Gallery reported that entrants – as there was no age limit – ranged in age from four to 75 years old.

What a great project that just feels so much like Kate.

The project got a nod from the Queen herself, saying she’d looked through the photos too and congratulating those who submitted.

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