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All I want for my next 10 birthdays…

George and Charlotte's wedding outfits are two items on display at the exhibit.

…is for a kind, rich person to pay for me to go to the exhibit “A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” You can learn all about it here, including where to buy me a ticket (actually, you know what, rich person? If you can get me to Edinburgh I’ll splurge for the ticket, which is only 15 pounds!).

It runs daily from June 14 until October 6, except for a handful of dates; it is at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, which, if you’ll remember from a post last week, is the official Scotland residence of the Queen and Prince Philip. (Watch the blog tomorrow for my dream vacation guide, which includes the best time to visit all of the castles and palaces in London and in Edinburgh.) Tickets are really reasonably priced so, again, rich person – I’ll cover that cost, okay? Just a plane ticket and some lodging will be fine. I want to be a contributor here.

Anyway, the exhibit features the wedding outfits worn by Harry and Meghan. Interestingly, since Harry still has to wear his frockcoat uniform of the Household Calvary (the “Blues and Royals”), an identical uniform that was made for Harry a few years earlier will be displayed, so it’s not the actual one he wore on that day. Whatever; sorry Harry, I’m really there for Meghan’s Givenchy.

Also on display is the Queen Mary bandeau tiara from 1932 that Meghan wore (on display for the first time ever!); Meghan’s veil; and George and Charlotte’s outfits from that day, which feature their initials embroidered on their outfits. I wrote a whole blog about Meghan’s (and Kate’s) wedding dresses but even so I bet I will learn something when I go, not if, because I am practicing speaking my dreams into existence.

Some people have the Superbowl or climbing Mount Everest at the top of their bucket list; most kids have Disney as the place they most want to go in the whole entire world. This is my Disney. I promise I will write blogs and tell you all about it. Hey, have not if you ask not, right? So this is me speaking it into existence into the universe: I want to go to this exhibit.

Happy Tuesday, and may all of our wildest dreams come true!

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