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  • Rachel Burchfield

Charles has tested positive for coronavirus + Happy (belated) birthday, Eugenie

I was shocked and saddened to wake up this morning to breaking news that Charles has tested positive for coronavirus. He is said to be experiencing mild symptoms – though I have read that, in COVID-19 terms, mild symptoms still feel like absolute hell – and recovering at he and Camilla’s home on the Balmoral estate. He is self-isolating there, away from Camilla, who is also on the property, but quarantined away from her husband. Camilla tested negative for the virus.

Charles is the only member of the British Royal Family to test positive for coronavirus so far – and, I certainly hope, the only one. I wish Charles a speedy recovery. With he being over 70 years old, it is more than a little concerning, but I am completely positive the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne has the best medical care possible.

In happier news, on Monday Eugenie turned 30! Her Royal Highness Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, daughter of Andrew and Fergie, sister of Beatrice, granddaughter of Her Majesty, and wife of Jack Brooksbank, turned a new decade on March 23. She currently sits at tenth in line to the throne, was the first Royal baby to have a public christening, and is a director at the art gallery Hauser & Wirth in London. Happy (belated) birthday, HRH!

By the way – blog posts here are going to be as frequent as I possibly can produce them, but likely more few and far between. My full-time work is absolutely hammering me right now – being a communications professional in a crisis situation is something I have never experienced before, at least not on this level, and it is a bear. The Duchess Commentary remains such a wonderful outlet for me and my stress, so I will check in as often as possible, especially when breaking news hits like today.

As always, stay safe and healthy, friends.

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