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Days before her Pakistan tour, learn Kate’s deep connection to the Middle East

CREDIT: THE MIDDLETON FAMILY Kate, Pippa, and Michael Middleton in Jordan.

Kate stepped out yesterday for an event at the Natural History Museum looking fabulous in a cranberry Warehouse sweater (note to self: buy more cranberry tops), olive green pants from Jigsaw (remember when she used to work for the company?), and a Chanel bag. Loving the high/low fashion. She also has some new blonde highlights for fall and I think she’s never looked better.


On Monday, she and William start their Pakistan tour. But did you know Kate has deeper connections than you might think to the Middle East?

Kate and her family lived in Amman, Jordan for a little over two years – from May 1984 to September 1986 (coincidentally, the month I was born!) – where her father, Michael Middleton, worked at British Airways. Kate has always said Jordan held such a special place in her heart, and since she lived there from the time she was two until she was four and a half, she likely had some of her first memories in the Middle Eastern country.

William has also been to the Middle East before. In 2010, he visited Afghanistan to attend a service of remembrance, and last year he too visited Amman, Jordan to meet with Crown Prince Hussein, meet Syrian refugee children, and tour the Roman ruins of the Jerash archaeological site. After two days there he visited Israel and Palestine, the first ever official visit by a British Royal Family member to those countries. He visited holy sites in Jerusalem and also visited Tel Aviv and Ramallah; while there, he also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Pakistan is one of the 53 sovereign states that make up the Commonwealth of Nations, likely the main reason why William and Kate are going. Described as their most complex tour yet, it will be interesting to see the type of work they undertake while there.

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