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  • Rachel Burchfield

Happy anniversary, Sussexes


Somewhere between me saying “coverage starts at 3 a.m.” and “my mom and I will likely be crying the entire time,” my boyfriend wisely decided to sleep elsewhere the Friday night before the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan, one year ago this weekend. My mom, me, and my boyfriend’s cat huddled in my living room and ate a breakfast spread prepared by my mom, drank mimosas, and ate Gigi’s wedding cake cupcakes that I bought for the occasion. When my boyfriend finally came back home after I’d gotten a much-needed nap Saturday afternoon, he noticed our flower crowns that we wore during the ceremony left haphazardly on the kitchen counter, looked at me with that look one gives when you know the person you love might be a little crazy but you love them anyway, and proceeded to help finish the leftover Gigi’s. To date me is to date the Royal Family, or at least have an exit strategy prepared for when you don’t feel like waking up in the middle of the night to hear two grown women sob and overanalyze every painstaking detail of a wedding they were not (technically) invited to.

Because I won’t be posting on weekends (I’m on the never-ending quest for work-life balance), I wanted to take today to recognize the one-year anniversary on Sunday, May 19 of Harry and Meghan’s marriage. From a Royal Wedding that broke with so many royal traditions – Meghan, a divorced biracial American actress, walked herself partway down the aisle! There was a gospel choir singing “Stand By Me”! An African-American bishop shook the walls of St. George’s Chapel with his words! – to this beautiful year in their lives filled with Meghan’s pregnancy (at 37, she likely had doubts this season would ever come); countless hours of work done on behalf of The Firm domestically and internationally, most of it together as a couple, including their first overseas tour; a move to Frogmore Cottage and the beginnings of establishing the Sussex brand and distinct arm of the Royal Family; and, of course, sweet Archie’s birth last week (why does that feel much longer ago than last week?!), it has been a whirlwind first year of marriage. I speak for all Royal Watchers when I say that I cannot wait to see what year two has in store.

Happy anniversary, Sussexes!

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