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Happy anniversary to Eugenie and Jack


On Saturday, October 12, Princess Eugenie – Andrew and Fergie’s youngest – and her husband Jack Brooksbank celebrated their first wedding anniversary. I wrote this post on my Facebook after the wedding last year, never thinking in a million years that 365 days later I’d be a Royal Family blogger. I wanted to share it with you to remember some great moments from that day. By the way, I wrote that last line having no idea that Beatrice was even close to getting engaged herself. Crazy what can happen in a year!

Some of you may not have known about it and even more of you may not care, but there was a Royal Wedding this morning! Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew (also known as the Duke of York and Prince Charles' younger brother) and Sarah Ferguson (the original Fergie) married her longtime love Jack Brooksbank today at the same venue Harry and Meghan were married at in May. Here's some things I loved:

· Jack, the groom, wore his glasses as Eugenie walked down the aisle to make sure he could see her perfectly. He then took them off and handed them to his best man. Now that's the good stuff right there.

· The couple just looks so doggone happy! They've been together for I think eight years. This is really it. Is it just me or do these modern Royal Weddings just feel differently than the previous generations'? Everyone seems more relaxed, and like they really found their true partner, as opposed to, say, Charles and Diana, who seriously barely knew one another before marrying. Also, love was in the air for everyone - William and Kate even held hands in the pew (PDA rarely happens from them), and Jack grabbed Eugenie's hand while the pair were sitting during the service and my heart melted.

· Eugenie's dress is not my favorite Royal Wedding dress but it is uniquely hers, including a low back to show off spinal scars from her surgery to correct her scoliosis. Eugenie has spoken in the past about changing what beauty looks like, and I applaud her for owning her scars. She looked BEAUTIFUL today. Her emerald tiara really brought out her green eyes. As a woman who also has green eyes and has hidden my back for most of my life in Prom dresses and sorority formal dresses (I have a quarter-sized birthmark right in the middle of my back that I have always hated), I just want to say you go, girl. She was stunning.

· Speaking of stunning, Pippa was working those high, HIGH heels while NINE months pregnant and ready to pop. Work it, Pippa! I think everyone - Kate, Meghan, Fergie, Beatrice, everyone - looked especially beautiful today.

· Finally, Fergie exhaling the biggest sigh of relief because the wedding was over and went off without a hitch is a representation of every Mother of the Bride, everywhere, who just wants their daughter to have the best day possible.

So now we wait for Beatrice...

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