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  • Rachel Burchfield

How COVID-19 is affecting the Family


The Coronavirus – more accurately called COVID-19 – is affecting everyone, including the British Royal Family.

Charles and Camilla’s forthcoming Royal Tour to Jordan, Cyprus, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – originally scheduled for March 17-25 – has been postponed. Though no reschedule date has been set, the heir and his wife opted to not risk it with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

As per recommendations worldwide, Charles – who has shaken probably millions of hands in his life – has been seen greeting people with a “namaste” greeting instead of a handshake at official events. Because a handshake is so habitual for him, many times this week Charles has been seen extending his hand then snatching it back, apologizing for the awkwardness.

For her part, the 93-year-old Queen shook a diplomat’s hand – ungloved – this week. You’re brave, Your Majesty! She did, however, rock gloves – which she normally does not do – at an investiture ceremony this week. She has also canceled some planned engagements for next week as a safety measure.

Plus, for all of those awful people who criticized Harry and Meghan up and down and left and right for leaving Archie in Canada during their final engagement run in the U.K., it was revealed this week that they chose to leave him in Canada because of COVID-19 concerns. Such bad parents now, huh? Back off, trolls.

CREDIT: DUKE AND DUCHESS OF SUSSEX Meghan in her very final U.K. engagement as a senior Royal.

Meghan is now back home in Canada with Archie, by the way.

For the most part, the Family has kept working this week, taking precautions but soldiering on. We’ll see how next week goes.

To all readers – please stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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