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  • Rachel Burchfield

How H&M spent their second wedding anniversary

Probably my favorite photo from Harry and Meghan's wedding.
Probably my favorite photo from Harry and Meghan's wedding.

Can you believe that this past Tuesday, May 19, was Harry and Meghan’s second wedding anniversary? It exhausts me to think of everything that has happened since they got married – they’ve certainly packed a lot into two years, huh? Tours to Australia and South Africa, a pregnancy, a baby, and, oh yeah – leaving the Royal Family and moving to two countries on another continent. I mean, a boring two years, but hopefully the next two will pick up.

So, as I would if the last two years of my life had been that chaotic, the Sussexes opted for a quiet, at home second wedding anniversary celebration. (Although, um, what other choice did they have? #thankscoronavirus) They reportedly cancelled all of their meetings but did spend the day taking Zoom calls of well-wishes from their family and friends. H&M (and of course Archie) are living at Tyler Perry’s Los Angeles mansion for the time being, and Meghan cooked Mexican food to celebrate.

Harry bought Meghan flowers and a new ring, which she reportedly loves. Meghan handmade Harry a card with a romantic message inside – in her perfect calligraphy script – and then recreated in their backyard the tent in Botswana where they fell in love in August 2016!

Archie’s parents are nothing if not romantics, and y’all know I love that stuff.

In other H&M news, the book about their journey out of the Firm, Finding Freedom, will be released August 11. So if anyone wants to get me an early birthday present… #justsaying

William and Kate continue to be hunkered down and working their tails off, taking Zoom call after Zoom call. They also changed their social media names this week from the stuffier Kensington Palace to the more recognizable Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This week, Kate was playing Bingo with the elderly on Zoom (can we all say awww) when she revealed that George is really into snakes right now. Gross.

I am hearing rumors that the Queen might be forced to step down and turn the throne over to Charles because of coronavirus. At 94 and with the disease not letting up anytime soon, I have heard the Queen might be forced out since we know her successor Charles can successfully beat COVID-19. The Queen has said that she will die on the throne and I believe her, but with COVID-19 rendering it impossible to do her job, will she choose the success of the Crown over her promise?

Only time will tell…

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