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  • Rachel Burchfield

It’s a big day for the Cambridge kids!


We caught our first glimpse of Kate in a while today as she accompanied George and Charlotte (with William in tow as well) to the Cambridge kiddos’ first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in London.

George has been at the school since 2017 – and Kate had to miss his first day of school there because, in her early days pregnant with Louis, she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, so only William walked him in that day, accompanied by one of George’s teachers. But Kate was there in full force today for Charlotte’s first day of school, looking beautiful, tan, and radiant, wearing a floral printed dress from Michael Kors, a favorite designer of hers this summer. If you recognize the dress, good eye – she also wore it to Harry and Meghan’s wedding rehearsal back in 2018.

Charlotte, 4, is entering what the school calls her “reception year” – which sounds a lot to me like preschool. She’ll be working on acclimating to the school environment while also taking classes in ballet, music, computing, math, and reading. There are 21 other students in her class, and sources say that Charlotte is thrilled to go to “big school” with her big brother, whom she is extremely close to. Charlotte has spent the last 18 months at Willcocks Nursery School but is thrilled to be in the same school as George. She, like George before her, will not be referred to by her title but rather as Charlotte Cambridge, just as George has been referred to as George Cambridge his entire time at Thomas’s Battersea.

Six-year-old George, for his part, is entering “Year 2” with a heavy-hitting curriculum that includes learning math, English, science, history, geography, religious studies, French, computing, art and design technology, music, drama, physical education, and ballet. I’m exhausted even listing George’s curriculum, but, when you pay $23,000 per kid per year, you’d better get a quality education just like that.

Now that the two older Cambridge kids are in school, this ends Kate’s summering and sets up for her full return to work, including she and William’s upcoming trip to Pakistan.

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