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  • Rachel Burchfield

Kate soars, Andrew tanks


The Crown season three dropped Sunday and I am halfway through. I am watching it with my mom (hi, mom! I know you’re reading) and am being a faithful daughter and not skipping ahead. I hope we can finish it this weekend because I am dying to see the back half of this season!

I look forward to The Crown season 10ish covering this dumpster fire of an interview Andrew gave about his alleged dalliances with Jeffrey Epstein, which is being heralded as “one of the single worst PR moves in recent history.” I just heard today he might do a second interview. Dude – don’t…

It’s so bad and it’s going over like a lead balloon in the U.K. apparently. Here’s a recap from People.

But let’s talk Kate for a moment. First of all, her private secretary, Catherine Quinn, announced that she is resigning, so I’m going to Britain to work for Catherine. Kidding, but I wish I could at least apply. Not sure it works that way though. I think you have to be an insider and while obviously all members of the Royal Family read The Duchess Commentary, I somehow am not at the top of the list.

Anyway, Kate stepped out last night in Alexander McQueen (shocker!) for the annual Royal Variety Performance. A member of the Royal Family attends every year and has since 1912 – but it’s not always the Cambridges. Last year, if you’ll remember, it was the Sussexes. The Royal Variety Performance is the longest running entertainment show in the world, now 107 years strong.

Last night’s show included performances from Mary Poppins and Come From Away as well as Robbie Williams (who apparently is still a huge deal in the U.K. despite his flame fading out in the U.S. nearly 20 years ago), Lewis Capaldi, and Mabel, among others.

Apparently, the Cambridge kids all love music. George famously loves ballet, as was revealed earlier this year; Charlotte loves musical theater; and Kate takes Louis to a $15 music class, where she has been spotted singing and dancing with other parents.

For Meghan’s part, looks like she is off for the rest of 2019.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a glimpse into the Queen and Philip’s love story as they celebrate their seventy-second wedding anniversary!

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