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  • Rachel Burchfield

Kensington Royal Tour: Day 3


These days I care less about reporting on what William and Kate do moment-by-moment on a Royal tour and more about how the tour makes me feel. Once again, William and Kate were a smashing success on tour – but that’s become the norm. What I really took away from this visit is how in love they are.

Around this time last year, their marriage was experiencing its hardest point yet – William was being accused of having an affair and Kate seemed miserable. But now, the two seem more in love than they ever have, actually showing PDA even, and William remarking to a fan who said that she loved Kate by responding “I do, too. Nice of you to say so.”

2019 and the first two months of 2020 have been some of the roughest times in William’s (and, to a degree, Kate’s) Royal life. But personally, as a couple, the two seem as tight as they ever have been. William is under an immense amount of pressure but pulled off a huge victory in his speech last night. Kate is right by his side, his forever supportive confidante, and she has finally come into her own as well. The Cambridges have hit their stride professionally, both as individuals and as a couple, and more than ever they seem so in sync, so together, and so in love.


So, sure, the third and final day of the Ireland tour was a success – they met with Galway Community Circus performers, local artists, and young musicians; William juggled while Kate applauded; the couple went to Tig Coili, an Irish pub in Galway; and then, very on brand for the Cambridges these days, they got sporty, playing with the Salthill Gaelic Athletic Association club and practicing both Gaelic football and hurling. All good things. They shook a lot of hands, met a lot of people, and now, surely, Ireland is as besotted as the rest of the world is with them.


But this final picture, taken yesterday on day two, sums up this tour for me. The Cambridges are in love. And in a year full of uncertainty for the Royal Family, one constant remains – their partnership. It gives me hope in a future that seemed quite dire even two months ago.

So, let’s raise a pint of Guinness to love, and to a successful Ireland tour.

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