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Kensington Royal Tour: Day 5 – Goodbye, Pakistan

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


And just like that, the Kensington Royal Tour has ended. With two Royal tours back to back, I must say, I have enjoyed myself so much. Who knows when the next one will be, so I am sad to see these two end.

Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty to talk about on the blog next week though – this time shifting gears to Meghan and the emotional clip from the upcoming documentary about she and Harry’s Royal tour to South Africa. But more about that next week.

The fifth and final day of William and Kate’s Pakistan visit was today. The two finally got back to Islamabad from Lahore this morning – 18 hours after they were supposed to arrive. Because of this, the final day of the tour got shuffled around, and some events had to be cancelled, like flying over the Khyber Pass where Pakistan meets Afghanistan. (They were probably just fine to cancel any events that included flying, right?!) The pair ended up staying at the five-star Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore last night, where they shocked fellow guests when they strolled through the lobby this morning.

Kate, in her typical understated way, said “it was pretty bumpy up there” on the two-hour flight from hell yesterday. Wearing a black and white tunic over white pants, she thanked the Royal Air Force (RAF) for keeping she and William safe.


The couple took on a private engagement in Lahore this morning and left the city around lunchtime. They spent the afternoon in Islamabad visiting the Army Canine Centre, a program that trains military dogs to detect explosive devices. The Cambridges – who have a dog of their own at home, a cocker spaniel named Lupo – played with two yellow Labrador puppies named Sky and Salto. Dogs like Sky and Salto have helped find 19 tons of explosives and 700 homemade bombs over the past three years alone in Pakistan.

At day’s end, William and Kate boarded a plane at the Pakistani Air Force Base Nur Khan back home to London and their three children. For our one last look at Kate on this tour, she wore a black Beulah London Papilio jacket over white pants.


A first for Kate? Her first ever video interview on a Royal tour, where she told CNN yesterday “We’ve seen a lot of Pakistan, a huge variety. It was amazing seeing some of the geography, but then to see the communities like this has been really special.”

I would normally post a recap post about the tour, but I can sum up an entire blog post in four words about this Kensington Royal Tour, from their style to their events to their demeanor to just everything: THEY. FREAKING. NAILED. IT. That is how the future king and queen of England do business, y'all.

Well done, Cambridges. Safe – SAFE – travels home to your babies.

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