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Meghan’s back!

CREDIT: GETTY Meghan hugs Misha Nonoo, her close friend and one of four designers who worked on The Smart Set with her, yesterday at the capsule collection's launch in London.

Yesterday marked the end of Meghan’s maternity leave, as she launched the capsule collection she has been working on that will benefit Smart Works. We have talked pretty ad nauseum about this capsule collection because honestly, I think it is really freaking cool and I think Meghan is using her role to do not only what the Family is asking of her but also things that really feel like Meghan and feel very authentic to who she is and what she’s interested in. Let’s be honest – Kate and Meghan have the platform to make a huge difference in the world and to do so in the way they want to. Literally every door is opened to them, and I am so happy to see Meghan taking advantage of her platform to do good her way.

Her work since joining the Royal Family in May 2018 has felt like a come-to-life version of her dearly departed blog The Tig – a focus on food, fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. She’s become a bestselling author with Together: Our Community Cookbook, a guest editor of the largest fashion magazine in the U.K., and now, a designer. (Although, actually, this isn't the first time she's helped design a capsule collection. She released two collections with Canadian clothing company Reitman's in 2015 and 2016.) She’s visited Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga on her first official tour, with the South Africa official tour coming up in just days. The work she is doing not only matters, but it reflects who she is as a woman. I truly cannot wait to see the work that the Sussex Royal Foundation will do.

Here are some highlights from yesterday:

· It all went down on the rooftop terrace of John Lewis’ flagship department store in London. John Lewis was one of four partners in the collection – Misha Nonoo, Jigsaw, and Marks & Spencer are the others.

· The five-piece collection is called The Smart Set and features one of my passions in this life – size inclusivity. Every item bought from the in-store collection or online will be matched with a donation to Smart Works. The collection features a black Jigsaw blazer, black Jigsaw trousers, a Marks & Spencer dress in black, pink, and blue, a white Misha Nonoo blouse, and a John Lewis bag in both black and tan.

· Meghan wore the Misha Nonoo blouse and the Jigsaw trousers to the launch yesterday, and looked absolutely fabulous, I might add.

· She paid a sweet tribute to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, by wearing a pair of her butterfly earrings with the outfit.

· Meghan gave a speech and met with guests, but had to jet to get home to baby Archie, who had a feeding. #workingmoms

· There’s even a Kate connection to the collection! Before she married William, Kate worked at Jigsaw, one of the four designers who worked with Meghan on the collection.

· I absolutely love hearing both Kate and Meghan speak. Here’s the full video of Meghan’s speech from yesterday’s launch. If anyone can watch this video and not know, as all The Duchess Commentary readers do, that Meghan is a force, the real deal, and absolutely wonderful – then I don’t know what to tell you.

This week, between Kate’s third garden opening and Meghan’s capsule collection unveiling, I am reenergized to do the work I am doing at The Duchess Commentary. These two women are two of the most inspiring women in the world, and to be able to cover their lives on a daily basis is an honor I don’t take for granted. I cannot wait to see all the good work that is to come from these women.

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