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Royal Potpourri, Volume 6

Okay, so this Royal Potpourri is going to be a little different – instead of there being questions, I’m just going to bullet the top Royal news stories coming off the weekend, because there are several, and none of them have anything to do with the other. Hence “potpourri.”

· The biggest breaking news story of the weekend was Harry filing his own lawsuit – in addition to wife Meghan’s – against News UK (owner of The Sun) and MGN (former owner of The Mirror) for hacking his voicemail. The interesting bit? That happened nearly 20 years ago, in the early 2000s. Apparently the Sussexes have had it with the media and are making their feelings known in a very public way. In addition to the two lawsuits, word is now making its way out that when Harry was in Malawi this month, he snapped at journalist Rhiannon Mills. My thoughts? I think Harry is filing his own lawsuit to stand in solidarity with Meghan, and to prove the point that the Sussexes are finally, finally done with the treatment they’ve received in the press, especially Meghan. It’s proving a point and potentially setting a precedent all in one fell swoop. It is going to be incredibly interesting to see how all of this plays out.

· James Middleton, Kate’s brother, is engaged! The 32-year-old popped the question to girlfriend and French financial analyst Alizee Thevenet with a sapphire sparkler reminiscent of his sister’s own sapphire engagement ring. James, who has publicly chronicled his struggles with depression, has never looked happier.

· George – along with dad William, mom Kate, and sister Charlotte – caught some soccer this weekend and could not have looked happier to be there! The future king takes after his dad in his love for William’s favorite team, Aston Villa, who won the match 5-1, much to George’s delight.

· Like the Sussexes before them, next week the blog will be all about the Cambridges’ tour to Pakistan, which is being hailed as William and Kate’s most complex tour yet. “It will largely focus on showcasing Pakistan as it is today – a dynamic, aspirational, and forward-looking nation,” Kensington Palace said. “From the modern leafy capital Islamabad, to the vibrant city of Lahore, the mountainous countryside in the North, and the rugged border regions to the West, the visit will span over 1,000 kilometers [620 miles], and will take in Pakistan’s rich culture, its diverse communities, and its beautiful landscapes.” The only downside? The Cambridge kids won’t be joining them for the trip.

· My Sussex Royal Tour wrapup post will drop sometime this week, but get excited everyone – a documentary is being made about the 10-day tour by British news anchor Tom Bradby! He wrote on Twitter that the doc will “explain a lot when it airs,” presumably referring to why, right in the middle of the tour, it was announced that Meghan filed a lawsuit. I can’t wait for more information.

· Okay, so apparently this is a thing – Kate and Meghan now have their own emojis! KATEMOJI and MeghanMoji are now out and our duchesses are in emoji form – more than 100 emoji stickers per app, plus animated emojis and hand-letter word/phrase emojis. KATEMOJI features Kate as a mom, scenes from her wedding in 2011, and holding up a camera, as we all know one of her chief passions is photography; MeghanMoji features an emoji of her first kiss with Harry as husband and wife to the iconic shot of them cuddling under an umbrella during their Royal tour last fall. There are even some emojis where the Sussexes are practicing yoga together and sipping a glass of wine! They’re both available on the App Store and Google Play. Running to download now, and apologies in advance to all of my friends who are about to get their texts blown up with these…

· If you’re not already, you’ve got to check out the podcast “Diana: Case Solved.” It takes a deep dive into Diana’s role in the Royal Family and especially the last summer of her life in 1997. Definitely worth a listen.

I’ll be back this week with my Sussex Royal Tour thoughts and Kate’s connection to the Middle East ahead of the Cambridge Royal Tour! Happy Monday, all!

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