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Six reasons why Prince George is cooler than us all


Note: This post was originally scheduled for yesterday, George’s actual birthday – except I forgot to schedule it before I went to see Jennifer Lopez in Atlanta. So, without further ado…

Happy sixth birthday, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! I remember exactly where I was on the day you were born. It was a Monday (just like this year!), and I had just returned from a weekend in Houston and Galveston with my middle school best friend Stephanie. And the sunscreen I used that weekend (and obviously never used again…) broke my face out and I took my very first ever sick day at my then job because it was pretty uncute, and also because when I woke up that morning I saw your mom was in labor. Shoutout to my boss from that job, Cara Dawn – I know you’re a reader. I really did have a skin thing going on. But I mostly took the day off for George. Anyway. I cried with happiness when you were born, even though you don’t know me. Maybe someday we’ll meet and I can try to be as cool as you.

Here are six reasons why my attempts at being cooler than George are futile to honor his sixth birthday:

1. Well, he’s the future king of England. I can’t top that.

2. He met President Obama in his bathrobe, like all bosses do.

3. He gets his tennis lessons from Roger Federer. #casual He also takes ballet and reportedly loves it, and he can speak some Spanish.

4. When he was christened, the Royal Mint issued a set of commemorative coins to celebrate the event – the first time a Royal christening had ever been celebrated in that way.

5. He’s long ago already done his first Royal tour, traveling to Australia and New Zealand. He was only nine months old. A visit to Canada followed when he was three, and then a visit to Poland and Germany when he was four. Now that he’s in school, he doesn’t travel as much because #priorities.

6. However, as I mentioned in my last post, he travels to places like Mustique for his birthday celebration. Because all six-year-olds need a tropical vacation escape from their rough lives.

Honorable mention (and probably reason No. 1): He gets to call Kate mom. Or mum. Or mummy. He knows what Kate’s heartbeat sounds like from the inside. And that is awesome.

Happy birthday, George!

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