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The Sussex Christmas card + the Queen’s speech and more Christmas!

CREDIT: THE SUSSEX FAMILY Archie steals the show in his first Christmas card.

So much to report from the past few days!


Her Majesty arrived in Sandringham off the train, looking like a kid excited for Christmas morning. I love that she still gets so excited to be at Sandringham! She delivered her Christmas message yesterday – you can either watch it here or read the transcript here. She called 2019 “bumpy,” drove home that small steps make a big difference eventually, and, without saying his name, recognized the birth of Archie this past May.


Philip was released from the hospital after a planned stay and made it to Sandringham.


Kate released a photo she took of her family for Christmas, and, as ever, she is quite the photographer. She and William took George and Charlotte on their first ever Sandringham Christmas Day church walk yesterday, and the kiddos did a great job! Both were reported to have impeccable manners, and Charlotte even curtsied to the Queen as the Queen left the church service in a car! Kate was in a gray Catherine Walker coat and her green hat and shoes matched Charlotte’s green coat perfectly. Also, in what I think is an extremely powerful photo, the Queen and her three (future) kings were photographed baking together, with little George stirring so well.


Meghan, along with Harry, released the Sussex family Christmas card, and sweet Archie steals the show! The Sussexes are reportedly still in Vancouver Island, Canada, where they’ve been seen having meals and going on hikes.


Beatrice’s fiancé Edoardo made his first Sandringham church walk yesterday! Andrew did not participate in the walk with the rest of his Family, but was in Sandringham and did attend an earlier church service with his (seemingly still supportive) mum.

For what it’s worth, the Sussexes weren’t the only family absent from Sandringham this year. The Tindalls (Anne’s daughter Zara, her husband Mike, and their two daughters Mia and Lena) and the Phillips (Anne’s son Peter, his wife Autumn, and their two daughters Savannah and Isla) were also not there. Sometimes the Cambridges skip, too. Just keeping everyone in check here.

CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK The Queen yesterday at Christmas Day church at Sandringham.

Watch the blog tomorrow for more about 2019 – which the Queen has called her second annus horribilis.

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