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The year in fashion: Kate

This Alexander McQueen wins 2019 for me.

2019 has been Kate’s year in terms of style. In 2018, she reportedly felt as though she was in a “style rut,” so vowed in 2019 to up her game – not that I really feel it needed to be upped. But damn, our girl Kate did that. Trying to choose my top 32 looks for Kate (32 is an arbitrary number – that just happened to be the number of my absolute favorite looks) was impossible, because basically every item of clothing Kate put on her body this year was fantastic. A few missteps, sure, but nothing notable. I didn’t even include the looks from her Pakistan trip because literally every single one of them was flawless. If you want to see all of them, rewind back on the blog to mid-October, and they’re all there.

We saw Kate be a little edgier with style this year – a little sexier, with more patterns and less solids, and pants! Alexander McQueen, as always, is her go to, but Emilia Wickstead is coming in hot as a designer Kate can always count on. Catherine Walker is a staple for the Royal Family as well, dating all the way back to Diana.

I have no idea how Kate will be able to top herself in 2020, but I look forward to seeing her try. Without further ado, my top 32 Kate looks of 2019!

All photos are courtesy of Getty unless otherwise noted.

For those keeping score, out of 32 looks:

Alexander McQueen looks that made the list – Eight

Emilia Wickstead looks that made the list – Four

Catherine Walker looks that made the list – Four

No. 32: In a Gucci top and Jigsaw pants at the Henry Fawcett Children’s Center, March 12

No. 31: In Beulah at an engagement at Family Action, January 22


No. 30: In Beulah meeting with Tusk Award winners, November 21

No. 29: In Alexander McQueen at a visit to the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

No. 28: In Catherine Walker at the Anzac Day service, April 25

No. 27: In Catherine Walker at the Commonwealth Day celebration, March 11

No. 26: In Catherine Walker at Kings College London, March 19

No. 25: In Mulberry during her tour of Northern Ireland, February 28

No. 24: In Alexander McQueen at the BAFTAs, February 10

No. 23: In ARoss at the London Muslim Cultural Center, October 2

No. 22: In Barbara Casasola at Action on Addiction, June 12


No. 21: In Stella McCartney at Archie’s christening, July 6

No. 20: In Alexander McQueen at Trooping the Colour, June 8

No. 19: In Alexander McQueen at one of the Queen’s garden parties, May 21

No. 18: In a Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini blazer for a day of engagements in Wales, May 8

No. 17: In Jigsaw at the Natural History Museum, October 9

No. 16: In Catherine Walker at the Order of the Garter ceremony, June 17

No. 15: In Eponine at Lavender Primary School, February 5

No. 14: In Black Watch at the V&A Dundee Museum in Scotland, January 29

No. 13: In a Smythe blazer and Joseph trousers at a celebration honoring crisis line volunteers, November 12

No. 12: In Dolce & Gabbana at Wimbledon, July 13

No. 11: In Alexander McQueen on Easter Sunday, April 21

No. 10: In Alexander McQueen at the naming ceremony of the RRS Sir David Attenborough, September 26

No. 9: In Elie Saab at Royal Ascot, June 18

No. 8: In Emilia Wickstead at Wimbledon, July 14

No. 7: In Emilia Wickstead at the NATO reception, December 3

No. 6: In Michael Kors at George and Charlotte’s first day of school, September 5

No. 5: In Emilia Wickstead at the Back to Nature Festival, September 10

No. 4: In unknown at the Festival of Remembrance, November 9

No. 3: In Emilia Wickstead at the National Emergencies Trust, November 7

No. 2: In Alexander McQueen at the Diplomatic Corps reception, December 11

No. 1: In Alexander McQueen at the Royal Variety Performance, November 18

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