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  • Rachel Burchfield

This Just In: Harry and Meghan’s new charitable foundation has a name


Almost a month ago, Harry and Meghan finalized the split of the Cambridge and Sussex households when they split from the Royal Foundation that was the remaining work-related tie between the two couples. Today, the name of Harry and Meghan’s new charitable foundation was announced, and if you follow them on Instagram, it’s a name you’ll recognize: Sussex Royal. (The full title is Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.)

This marks a dream coming true for Meghan, who has said for a long time she’d like to start her own charitable foundation. It’s a very smart move branding-wise to keep Sussex Royal consistent throughout all of their work. Whether it’s Meghan or whomever is advising she and Harry – they’re doing it right.

For those worried about the relationship between the couples – don’t. Their personal relationship seems to be fine. The split of their professional households is nothing more than what we kind of knew would always happen when Harry quit third-wheeling on William and Kate and began his own family. This is nothing to get worried about. Simply put, the two couples have different interests when it comes to the direction they want their charitable work to go, and these separate foundations will reflect that. They’ll continue to work together as time goes on, most especially with Heads Together, a mental health campaign that matters to all of them.

In addition to Harry and Meghan, Sussex Royal has two other directors – Sara Latham (who used to work with the Clintons), who will be their head of communications, and Natalie Campbell, who used to work with the Royal Foundation.

For their part, William and Kate will remain with the original Royal Foundation, now renamed the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Royal Foundation was originally launched in 2009 by William and Harry, and Kate joined on in 2011 after she married William.

All good things. Charitable foundations are always positive, and, in this case, I believe two will be better than one. I look forward to seeing the type of work Sussex Royal will undertake – if I were a betting woman, I’d bet we get a major preview of that upon Harry, Meghan, and Archie’s South Africa visit in mid-September. (Think women and girls empowerment.)

To be continued…

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