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  • Rachel Burchfield

This Just In: The Sussexes are headed for Africa (just for a visit – for now)


This fall, Harry, Meghan, and likely baby Archie will travel to the African countries Angola, Malawi, and South Africa for an official tour. We have been speculating which countries would make the cut, and these three have been confirmed as the choices.

Harry’s mother, Diana, famously traveled to Angola herself shortly before she was killed in 1997 to raise awareness about landmines, both banning future landmines and safely removing existing ones. I can still remember when this happened and how controversial it was that the Princess of Wales walked through an active landmine area (see above photo) – it was shocking, and just like Diana. Harry will attend a conference in London about landmine clearance in Angola just next week on June 17, likely a precursor to the official visit later this year.

In Malawi, it’s likely the couple’s work will focus on Sentebale, the charity supporting children affected by HIV and AIDS in several African countries that Harry cofounded.

I’m not sure yet what’s on the docket for South Africa, but I expect the Sussexes to do good there, as well.

Some happy news for your Wednesday.

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