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The Duchess Commentary

Thoughts on the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex,
and the rest of the British Royal Family

Fascinated by The Royal Family, in particular Kate and Meghan? Me too. Here we will examine the Duchess' fashion, marriages, children, and work within The Royal Family - and, of course, we'll talk about the rest of the Family, too.

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What have Harry and Meghan been up to lately? + Pop quiz answers + The Crown season four sneak peek!

The Sussexes have been laying low – being homebodies with Archie and their dogs and focusing on family – but don’t think they haven’t been planning for the future. In addition to the JPMorgan speech Harry gave last weekend, Harry and Meghan were spotted at Stanford University in California last week, where they met with the prestigious university’s administration and some professors. The topic of discussion? Their charitable foundation Sussex Royal – still called that, at lea

Pop quiz: How did these Royal couples meet?

How well do you know Royal love stories? Take this quiz on how these Royal couples met and stay tuned for the answers Monday! If you want, you can email me at and I’ll tell you how right (or wrong) you are. Happy Valentine’s Day, and NO CHEATING! That takes all the fun out of it. Give it your best guess! A. The Queen and Philip B. Charles and Diana C. Charles and Camilla D. William and Kate E. Harry and Meghan F. Anne and Mark Phillips, her

37 little known facts for William’s 37th birthday today

In honor of Prince William turning 37 today, here’s 37 tidbits you might not know about the heir to the throne (and one of my first crushes)! 1. You think we wait a long time now to learn Royal baby names? After William was born on June 21, it took a full week to learn his name – William Arthur Philip Louis. 2. He was the first heir to the British throne to ever be born in a hospital. 3. As a youngster, Charles and Diana nicknamed their rambunctious boy “Wombat.” 4. Young Wil

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